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Tree is still a tree - cover.
Tree is still a tree - detailed view.
Old Wishes
Medievil Falconry
Medievil Falconry
Famous Proba - found
Observer Series: Birds
Bee Mornings
Lace Tell
Weather Lore

Artists Books by Heather Hunter

The images you have just seen are of the following works:

Image 1 and 2. A Tree is still a Tree.

Image 3. Vintage Cases.

Image 4 and 5. Medieval Falconry.

Image 6. Observer Series: Birds.

Image 7. Bee Mornings.

Image 8. Lace Tells.

Image 9. Weather Lore.

There are a set of images for each of the books you have just seen, available either through the menu or directly linked above, or even by clicking on an image in this section.

I am a book artist working in UK making unique Artists’ Books. The versatility of paper allied to traditional printmaking, digital print work and various contemporary bookbinding methods all result in the book works that I produce.

My style of Book Arts involves the reader in the discovery process- unfolding a book’s secret providing an environment for a memorable experience.

An artist’s book is a small art gallery with visual works and texts, in varying proportions, and touchable materials producing intimate atmospheres where ideas are hidden and where they grow without feeding.

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