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Lace Series
Artist's books,
by Heather Hunter

Lace Series

A framed print using the Lace language poem written by the artist in response to Rainer Maria Rilke’s poem ‘The Lacemaker’. Letterpress printed, over printed with a lace thermo- fax screen and embellished with a thermo-faxed textured head.


Lace Language book

This concertina book uses mixed media, screen printing and the lace language poem. Covers are recycled from other books.


Lace Language cravat

Pages of this book, in the shape of a lace cravat, are embossed with real lace with the pattern highlighted with distress ink. The artist’s poem ‘lace language’ is threaded through the paper cravat.

Lace Tells

This book inspired by Bucks Point Lace made in the style of a lace ruff, pages embossed with real lace and text relaying the words used by young lace makers of the 18th - 19th century to relieve boredom and to make the time pass more quickly and pleasantly, the girls chant ‘tells’ or ‘tellings’, which were rhymes said in a sing-song voice in time with their working fingers.

'Ultimately the artists’ book must be seen as a culmination of ideas and acquired skills that the artist has struggles with over an extended period of time.
(And a precise container of those energies).'
Mathew Tyson