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Lace Tells
An artist's book,
by Heather Hunter

Lace Tells

A beautiful artist's book, carefully printed by hand.

Nine beautiful images in total of this work.

Lace Tells

This book inspired by Bucks Point Lace made in the style of a lace ruff, pages embossed with real lace and text relaying the words used by young lace makers of the 18th - 19th century to relieve boredom and to make the time pass more quickly and pleasantly, the girls chant ‘tells’ or ‘tellings’, which were rhymes said in a sing-song voice in time with their working fingers.

'Ultimately the artists’ book must be seen as a culmination of ideas and acquired skills that the artist has struggles with over an extended period of time.
(And a precise container of those energies).'
Mathew Tyson