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Behind the trellis
Forest of my mind
Ghostly leaves of the canopy
Hungarian Rhapsody
Old Wishes
Turn over a new leaf

My collection of compacts and cigarette cases took on a new meaning when I decided to use them as containers for a series of small books. Treasures within treasures. The books use various printing methods and the text in each typed on an old typewriter adds to the vintage feel.

  • Behind the trellis - eco printed
  • Forest of my mind – eco printed
  • Ghostly leaves of the canopy – eco printed
  • Hungarian rhapsody -Painted and hand-made stenciled paper
  • Old wishes- eco printed
  • Patterns -Pages are batik on paper.
  • Spring -Natural avocado dyed paper and collage
  • Turn over a new leaf – Gelatin printed

'Books are like a dream you can return to. Art you can touch and manipulate.'
Susan Johanknecht