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Heather Hunter

Mixed Media

Tree Stories
Canvas pages with collaged papers, fabric and ephemera. Books within books telling tree stories.

Path Through Memories
Slow stitched fabric book of sewing memories both cloth and stitch.

Phoenix Rising
Canvas covers using, for me, a new mixed media approach. Pages include paper, fabric and paint with old typewriter text.

The Cage
Work in progress April 2020. Canvas covers with collage and paint. Ongoing content about my feelings about ‘stay safe, stay home'.

This first set of three images is Tree Stories.

Tree Stories
Tree Stories
Tree Stories

This and the next image are of the Path Through Memories book.

Path Through Memories
Path Through Memories

This image is of Phoenix Rising, and the final image is The Cage.

Phoenix Rising.
The Cage.

‘Touch a book. Hear the rattle of the paper, feel the weight of the binding and see colour running to every edge. Poetry and painting are rhythmically arranged in much the same way as lyrics are set to music. Making an artists book is like singing with the hands’.
Nancy Ruth Leavitt.