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Artist in Residence
Turn End, Haddenham

At present I am Artist - in - Residence at Turn End Studio, Turn End, Haddenham, furthering the use of the garden and house for the Turn End Charitable Trust.

Project one

An artist's book, Patterned Landscapes, that was a response to a year's contact with Turn End Garden.

Project Two in progress

Includes reflections on inside-outside of Turn End, Space-in-between as a working title.

Project Three in progress

Producing experimental imagery through the medium of pressure printing for a future artist's book using the many varieties of grasses that are in Turn End Garden.

As part of the residency there will be workshops offered for small numbers of participants to use the garden and house as a resource to produce imagery text for Book Arts.

Please contact Heather on info@hunterbooks.co.uk if you are interested. Please see blog for up to date information on what workshops are currently available.

Outside the studio I am available to run one or two day workshops for groups.

Patterned Landscapes Patterned Landscapes

Project Two. Turn End - reflections on inside-outside
Turn End Project Three

I make books not out of habit, but because I think and feel book.
Helen Douglas