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Heather Hunter

I make - unique Artists’ books
I write - all my own text
I produce - all my own images
and I construct - my own bindings.

My strongest work is 3 dimensional. The constantly visual and tactile surprises that 3D structures produce have made book forms a natural progression from my first work in Fashion, Toy Design and Model making. The versatility of paper allied to digital print work, printmaking and various binding methods all result in the book forms that I have produced to date. The content subject is chosen no differently than any other artist it is only the way that I prefer to present my art: in book form.

Inspiration comes from everywhere and at any time. For example, Turn End gardens are an inspiration all year round, I have explored lace as poetry and rhythm after having helped with a display of lace items at Thame Museum. I have also ventured into altering books. Reluctant at first until research introduced me to writers that have had conversations with the text of another in the book margins. I have been respectfully altering books due for land fill ever since. I have also turned curator for two exhibitions about altered books.

Reflect, Reuse and Recycle are my themes for the future. To that end I am going back to my roots and doing work with textiles but still in book forms.

Born in Luton in 1940’s I did not begin my education in design and craft until after my family and continued until 1990’s when I graduated from Oxford Brookes University with a BSc Hons in Psychology and Visual Studies. This degree course extended my knowledge of printing techniques and bookbinding. Since then I have frequently visited USA for Paper and Book Intensive workshops to expand my knowledge.

My commissions include several Celebration Books for private clients. My unique books are in private collections and in University libraries and in ‘In praise of beautiful books 2013’ and ‘British Artist Book makers 2015’ compiled by Caroline Mornement available from www.amazon.co.uk

Since 2018 I have been a founder member of the Buckinghamshire Craft Guild.

Visit my Facebook Page for updates on some new projects I am working on. and on Instagram #heatherhunter3944

Falling Leaves - full view and close-up
Heather Hunter at work

'Artists' books are a small art gallery with visual works, texts, touchable materials including intimate atmospheres where ideas are hidden and where they grow without feeding.'
Merja Ylitalo